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Harmonicas are popular in all places, wherever entertainment is a dominating force. Its range of usage spans from brilliant performers and professional groups to individual musicians, who might play the harmonica only for friends or simply as a pastime.

Traditional Austrian folk music or popular entertainment music, a classical waltz or “Wienerlied”, all such musical repertoire can easily be mastered with the harmonica.

Years of experience in harmonica making, precise workmanship, selection and use of only the best wood and materials, the musical flair and a talent for artistic form- these are the ingredients for the making of a typical Salzburg instrument. Innovation and new technical developments like Midi – Harmonicas and new literature give this popular musical instrument an even wider use.

Regular expert service and repairs by the Salzburg Musical Instrument Makers extend the life and protect the value of the respective instrument.

Harmonica Workshops Operations in Salzburg:

* Musikhaus Flatscher
* Musikhaus Lechner
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