Konzertsaal Concert Pianos

The pianists’ touch is mechanically transferred by the pianos’ action from the keyboard to the strings: From the most gentle pianissimo to the strongest fortissimo, the action must transfer everything accurately and continue to do so for decades.

If only one out of more than 6,000 parts does not fulfill its function, it is mostly not due to a technical defect but to a lack of servicing and maintenance of the instrument.

Therefore, any upright or grand piano should be tuned once to twice a year. Services beyond that may be necessary and depend on the individual demands in tuning, intonation and the manner of playing, how often and how intensively the instrument is used on and to which environmental and climatic conditions it is exposed. Pianos that are used for public concerts are tuned before every performance.

Concert Piano Expert Builder in Salzburg:

* Klaviermachermeister Franz Nistl
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