Association of the Musical Instrument Makers of Salzburg

salzburgerwerkstätten musical instruments - stands for intercompany-cooperation and joint public display of the most prominent musical instrument makers and service providers as a group.

salzburgerwerkstätten musical instruments - Businesses attach importance to traditional and up to date innovative craftsmanship, to unique workmanship and the ability to tailor make every instrument to the configuration, specific performance requirements and personal demands according to the individual wishes of each musician.

salzburgerwerkstätten musical instruments - Entrepreneurs are an integral component of Salzburg’s culture and economy. Musical instruments made to the highest precision and with optimum functionality as well as reliable servicing, are additional advantages from which every musician, from the beginner to the internationally active orchestra musician, can benefit.

The Company Logo                    
As a synonym for skillful and masterful achievements from Salzburg, this logo stands for the traditional art of the instrument maker, as well as for the technical progress and power in innovation. The uniqueness of this logo reflects the quality of the instruments created and the reliance on the high standard in technical workmanship. The insinuated sound waves symbolize their origin in Salzburg; sent out to reach our local musicians, but also find the interest of internationally renowned instrumentalists and orchestras alike.


11. Juni 2006 (Sonntag): * Tag der ARGE Salzburger Musikinstrumentenbauer im Salzburger Freilichtmuseum

19. August 2006: * Die ARGE Salzburger Musikinstrumentenbauer veranstaltet ein „Konzert der besonderen Art“ im Gössl-Gwandhaus

Publikation:* Orgelfibel